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Congratulations to Br Kevin on his well deserved retirement. What a wonderful man who gave great service to the poorest of Dublin. A real disciple , love one another as I have loved you. Enjoy Br Kevin .BROTHER KEVIN'S RETIREMENT: MESSAGE FROM ARCHBISHOP FARRELLI congratulate Brother Kevin as he retires from the Capuchin Day Centre, where he devoted his life to the service of the poor. His work with its staff and volunteers transformed the lives of those who availed of the services at the centre, from misery and despair to hope and love. One can only marvel at the many people he personally served. He was able to see Christ in the people he met. His was a love that reached out.As Brother Kevin retires, we should remember the poor we still have with us, in ever greater numbers because of wars, famine, drug and alcohol addiction. Today we ask the Lord to help us to work towards an alleviation of poverty, to have compassion for those who are experiencing Calvary and sorrow for our own self-indulgence. Thank you, Brother Kevin, for showing us how walk in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi. I wish you every blessing in your long overdue retirement.+Dermot FarrellArchbishop of DublinAugust 9, 2022(Pictured: Brother Kevin Crowley of the Capuchin Day Centre after receiving the Oireachtas Human Dignity Award in Leinster House in December 2018. Photo by John McElroy.) ...
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