Music Ministry

St Dominic’s Youth Choir

The youth choir provide the music ministry at our family mass each and every sunday. They also sing at our big liturgical celebrations like Christmas Easter etc. The Group is led by the wonderful Rachel Harte, Cara Davey and Christy Mooney. The group lead the liturgy of the word also at the family mass. If your child would like to join they rehearse each Tuesday from 6pm-7pm in the Church. 2nd class upwards

St Dominic’s Folk Group

This group provide the Music Ministry at our 11:45am mass each Sunday alonfg with the main Liturgical celebrations throughout the year. They also colaborate with the youth Choir for certain celebrations during the year. If you would like to join they meet each Thursday at 8pm in the Church.

Ministry Responsibilities Music
Ministry Leader Sinead Fallon
Join Ministry (01) 451 0620